West Coast Bright Design Challenge
2014 Winners Announced

The Metal Finishers of Southern California have officially concluded the 2014 West Coast Bright Design Challenge. Since September, students from the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena have been working diligently to complete their creative projects. Now in its fifth, consecutive year, the 2014 program challenged students to design marketable products that incorporate surface finishing. Students received hands-on experience related to finishing theory, technology, and physical processes through classroom instruction and tours at facilities focused on plating, anodizing and other finishing technologies. Presentations to peers, teachers, industry representatives and judges took place prior to final judging on December 9. Grand prize recipient, Ofir Atia, and fellow challenge winners, Judy Chu and David Hansungkim received scholarships to further their creative surface technology research and design efforts.

What is the Bright Design Challenge?
The National Association for Surface Finishing (NASF) believes that the future of surface finishing depends on the innovative ideas of our youth. We consider it the responsibility of those currently serving the industry to foster and nourish these ideas. As part of this mission, and to spotlight the impact we have on millions of products and households, the National Association for Surface Finishing each year proudly presents The Bright Design Challenge. This ground-breaking creative program is produced as part of the association’s “Surface Technology Initiative” to proactively promote our surface finishing industry.

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West Coast 2014 Gallery

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